NYT : UConn Women Say ‘Nah’ to Rebuilding Year

Brian Stewart told people so. For four historically triumphant years, he contended that the Connecticut women’s basketball team was greater than the sum of Coach Geno Auriemma’s prize recruits, a conga line of achievers that included Stewart’s daughter, a once-in-a-generation talent by the name of Breanna. 
 Daddy Stewart — a recreational gym rat in his spare time from his job as a technician at a Syracuse hospital and a motivational conspirator in his daughter’s career — could foresee the Connecticut beat downs happening this season despite the exodus last spring of the players who would become the first three chosen in the W.N.B.A. draft. He could even imagine that the Huskies, supposedly rebuilding after four consecutive national championships, would be where they are: 11-0, riding an 86-game winning streak, four victories shy of the N.C.A.A. record — women’s and men’s — that Connecticut established in 2010. Well, he could almost imagine it. 

 “I probably would have thought they would already have lost one here or there,” Stewart said in a telephone interview. “They’ve had, you know, a pretty tough schedule.” APR 5 See More » 


Continue reading the main story Among the 11 victims are Florida State, Baylor, Notre Dame and Ohio State. All still ranked No. 12 or higher in last week’s poll. Next up: a visit on Thursday night to unbeaten Maryland, ranked No.3 in the USA Today coaches poll, and probably the last serious obstruction between the Huskies and the shattering of their own record. “To do what they’re doing is a testament to the M.O. of the team and the program,” Stewart said. Which is, in his informed opinion? “I personally know that Breanna was no princess there

 — just the opposite,” he said. “So I’d say: ‘Check your ego at the door. It’s not about you.’” 
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