FIFA : Cannavaro relives 2006 Final, enjoys it more than ever

Fabio Cannavaro's memories of the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany™ are not only intact – they pack a greater emotional punch than ever. “I think I’m feeling more emotion watching these images today than when they happened to me back then,” said il capitano. "To this day, every time I see Fabio [Grosso] step up for the decisive penalty, I think, ‘Oh please don’t miss it’.” 

 The Napoli native recently sat down with to look back on some of the key moments of that Final in Berlin on 9 July 2006, as well as other historic moments along Italy's path to their fourth world title. “I heard it,” said Fabio Cannavaro. The former Italy captain is speaking in a dramatic tone perfectly in keeping with the image of himself he is looking at from ten years ago. “I was five metres ahead of them but I remember hearing a thud. 

When I turned around, Marco [Materazzi] was lying on the ground.” He is, of course, referring to the infamous altercation between Zinedine Zidane and his central defensive partner during the Final. And now in this exclusive interview you can see for yourself all of Cannavaro’s reactions and reminiscences, including one unforgettable ball he recovered, and when he first got his hands on the coveted trophy. 

Check it out and relive all the emotions with il capitano!

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